The ASBT has got all the teaching aids starting from Green boards and ending in Projectors. It makes a teaching faculty easy to deliver what he/she wants to convey to the students. The students have been allotted timetable to be followed weekly. Each faculty has to attend a class for one hour after which he might get a break in-between. The lecturers mainly use a feedback oriented method in order to ensure the students give his full thought to his teaching. The Computer lecturers often use systems or laptops and demonstrate the programs and they make short work of the green board. The Management staff mainly use PowerPoint presentations to illustrate the statistics or main ideas or key words. The Language staff makes use of Language Lab mainly. But for Literature students, they mainly have to run through the words of the book teaching line by line the poetical lines or an essay. They make use of boards for illustration purposes. Feedback tests, oral tests, Online tests are conducted almost every day. The aim of the staff is to make the students aware in all the nook and corner of a particular teaching. The students who are dull are given extra care and special effort to make him get through the exam. The students are carefully handled according to his nature. Overall, a disciplinary committee takes care of the discipline and conduct of the students. A Tentative schedule has been prepared before the commencement of each semester and the lecturers strictly follow it with the careful supervision of the Principal and the Heads of the Departments. The students also get a copy of it to ensure whether the topics indicated are completed on time. If there is any lagging in the completion of the syllabus, the concerned staff has to indicate it to the Head of the Department. Notes, Essays are being prepared for the students by the handling staff and handed out to him so as he will be able to answer the questions and also for the better understanding of the student. The weak students are egged so as to keep him in the track that leads to examinations.