1. Usage of Cell phones inside the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  2. Exchange of greetings with the members of staff in the college and hostel by saying Happy Morning is highly recommended.
  3. Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with decorum when talking to the faculty members and the staff of the college and hostel.
  4. Students shall avoid using any insulating, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should totally avoid violence. Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institution in a way that would bring disrepute to the institution.
  5. Students should come in formals and casuals are alowed only in saturdays.
  6. They shall be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities connected with the college.
  7. Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit, pathways, gardens, etc., is strictly prohibited.
  8. On entering the class, they shall observe strict silence, irrespective of the presence or absence of the teacher.
  9. No student is permitted to leave the College Premises once he enter into the college.
  10. Students should not leave the class or attend it late under the pretext of paying fees or taking books from libraries. Time fixed for such purposes during working hours must be strictly followed.
  11. Students are expected to read or notices/circulars displayed on the College Notice Board. Ignorance of not reading any notices/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.
  12. All vehicles should be parked in the allotted place. Vehicles found parked in unauthorized places shall be impounded.
  13. While attending College functions, the students will conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit to themselves and to the institution.
  14. Students will promptly stand to solemn attention when prayer or National Anthem is being played in the function.
  15. Splitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper inside the college campus are harmful and must be avoided.
  16. Students are forbidden from entering the college office and the staff rooms during unspecified hours.
  17. Students are prohibited from damaging the building or furniture in any way. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual or group of individuals.
  18. Representation of complaints and grievances may be made individually to the principal through the Head of the Department.
  19. Students are strictly forbidden from engaging themselves in any political or other movement.
  20. No meeting of any kind shall be held in the college premises without the written permission of the principal.
  21. No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on black boards or on notice board without the written permission of the principal. No information or report should be sent to press on board casting agencies without the permission and approval of the principal.
  22. The principal will deal with students who play a leading part by organizing or otherwise assisting activity in strikes.
  23. The principal’s decision shall be the final in all matters of punishment of the students for violation of any of the rules and regulations of the college.
  24. If a student leaves the College after two months from the date of commencement of the classes, he/she shall have no right to claim remission of any portion of the term fees.