1. Each student should write his/her Name, Login Number, System Number, Course Name, IN time and OUT time in the register provided.
  2. He shall be responsible for the system he uses. He has to bear the cost for lost and damaged components.
  3. Student floppies and CDs are not allowed inside the lab.
  4. Students should use their own logins.
  5. Students are instructed not to cause any damage to the system hardware, peripherals and software.
  6. Software manuals are only for reference purpose.
  7. Footwear and baggage are not allowed inside the Computer Centre.

A candidate can join the course of study of any semester only at the time of its normal commencement and only if he/she has satisfied the course requirements for the previous semester and if any. However, if the candidate is prevented from registering for the University Examinations as per regulations because of his/her having arrears in earlier semesters, this rule will not be operative for the next semester.

  1. To be eligible to register for the fifth semester a candidate should have passed in all subjects prescribed for first and second Semester.
  2. To be eligible to register for the seventh semester a candidate should have passed in all subjects prescribed for III and IV Semesters.
  3. However, the entire course should be completed within 12 consecutive semesters.
  4. A candidate transferred from other Universities can join the institution only at the beginning of odd semesters.

NOTE : Candidates permitted to transferred from other universities subject to the recommendation of the Dean, faculty of Engineering and the approval of the MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY, Tamilnadu will be allowed to register only in the beginning of odd semesters.

A candidate may for valid reasons, and on the recommendations of the Head of the Institutions be granted permission by the University to withdraw from writing the entire semester examination as one Unit. The withdrawal application shall be valid only if it is made earlier than the commencement of the last theory examination pertaining to that semester. Withdrawal shall be permitted only once during the entire course. Other conditions being satisfactory, candidates who withdraw are also eligible to be awarded, DISTINCTION whereas they are not eligible to be awarded a rank.

If a candidate wishes to temporarily discontinue the course for valid reasons, he/she shall apply through the Head of the Institution in advance and obtain a written order from the University permitting discontinuance. A candidate after temporarily discontinuous may rejoin the course only at the commencement of the semester at which he/she discontinued, provided he/she pays the prescribed fees to the University. The total period of the completion of the course reckoned from the commencement of the first semester to which the candidate was admitted shall not in any case exceed 7 years, including of the period of discontinuance.

Ragging and Eve-Teasing are considered as crime and strictly prohibited by an act promulgated by the government of Pondicherry with the penalty of Rs.10,000 and two years imprisonment. If any student indulges in any form of ragging or Eve-Teasing inside the college or hostel premises or outside, he/she will summarily expelled from the College as well as from the Hostel.

The University may have from time to time revise, amend or change the regulations of curriculum and syllabus as and when found necessary.