Magazine club

The student of ASBT have started a Magazine club wherein the students contribute their own money and buy business magazines and circulate among themselves and having read those articles they discuss among themselves and shared the knowledge they have read.

Stock market club

stock market brokers are regularly invited to deliver lectures on stock market operations and also have learned how to trade in stock market. ASBT is now planning to start the new academic virtual stock market club.

Swargam Club

The Swargam Club is nothing but an ecological club wherein students are taught the importance of conserving nature, flora and fauna. The students are taken on regular basis to nearby places and they are taught how to conserve the nature.

Photonic Club

The Photonic club kindles the creativity in every student. Regular sessions are arranged by the club, wherein class room sessions as well as the outdoor visits are arranged.

Our students will very soon arrange a photographic exhibition and display their creativity to the public.